Peter G. Peterson

  • Will America Grow Up Before It Grows Old?

    The long gray wave of Baby Boomers retiring could lead to an all-engulfing economic crisis -- unless we balance the budget, rein in senior entitlements, raise retirement ages, and boost individual and pension savings. Yet politicians of both parties say that most of the urgently necessary reforms are "off the table

  • Facing Up

    The cause of our huge budget deficits is not government waste or welfare programs for the poor—it’s the out-of-control spending on welfare programs (called “entitlements”) for the middle and upper classes. President Clinton’s plan barely makes a dent in this spending

  • The Morning After

    America has let its infrastructure crumble,its foreign markets decline,its productivity dwindle its savings evaporate,and its budget and borrowing burgeon. And now the day of reckoning is at hand