Neil W. Chamberlain

  • The Art of Unbalancing the Budget

    The idea that the government should live within its means and annually balance its budget was the fiscal policy objective of the nation’s leaders until the decade of the sixties. How the unbalanced budget was converted from a vice to a virtue is here told by Neil W. Chamberlain, professor of economics at Yale.

  • The Corporation as a College

    Neil W• Chamberlain The rapid obsolescence of the knowledge gained in college has become a matter of great concern to our universities as well as lo the industries that attract our most intelligent graduates. Mr. Chamberlain, professor of economics at Yale, here suggests a method of continuing education in the business world.

  • Retooling the Mind

    The continuing explosion of new knowledge is so basic to our entire economic life that “ it is upsetting many of the traditional relationships in our social system,”says NEIL W. CHAMBERLAIN, professor of economics at Yale. In the article which follows, Professor Chamberlain suggests methods whereby education may become a lifetime process.

  • What's Ahead for Labor?

    In the June issue of the ATLANTIC, John R. Bunting reviewed the changes taking place in the basic structure of our economy and described what businessmen must do to meet the challenges brought about by these changes. Now we turn to NEIL W. CHAMBERLAIN, professor of economics at Yale, for an assessment of what the labor unions must do to adapt to the current asset revolution.