Nancy Freedman

  • Mrs. Mike: The Story of Katherine Mary Flanningan

    SUMMARY. — In the spring of 1907, Katherine Mary O’Fallon of Boston was shipped out to her uncle’s cattle ranch in Alberta. Kathy at sixteen had weak lungs and the doctor had prescribed a cold, dry climate. White girls were scarce in that untamed country, but Kathy had eyes only for Sergeant Mike Flannigan, a handsome red-coated Mountie, and soon she was traveling into the North with him as Mrs. Mike. When Kathy’s first child, Mary Aroon, was born, the young mother turned to the Indian women for help. She came to depend upon Mamanowatum (Oh-Be-Joyful), an attractive Cree maiden whom she had taken into the household despite the warning that the girl was in love with a wild young trapper. Jonathan Forquet. Jonathan and another Indian, Cardinal, were having a deadly feud over trap-robbing. This is the third and final installment. In the short time at its disposal the Atlantic has been fortunate in serializing approximately half of this novel, which is being published by Coward-McCann and is the March selection of the Literary Guild.

  • Mrs. Mike: The Story of Katherine Mary Flannigan