Melville J. Ulmer

  • Southeast Asia: Doing Business in the Third World

    Heavy regulation—and hands outstretched for bribes—are slowing down the flow of foreign capital to many countries in Southeast Asia.

  • I. How to Fight Inflation

    “My first priority is to work with you to bring inflation under control,” Gerald Ford told the Congress. “The state of our economy is not so good.” In this first of two articles dealing with the problems confronting the new President, an economist suggests how the government might attack the pernicious and seemingly contradictory phenomena of ballooning inflation and growing unemployment. In the second article, beginning on page 48, a former State Department official takes issue with President Ford’s other major commitment. “I have fully supported the foreign policy of President Nixon,” said Mr. Ford. “This I intend to continue. . . . There will be no change of course.” Why there should be a profound change of methods, and at least some change of course, is argued by Thomas L. Hughes.