Mark Harris

  • Max Rafferty of California

    A self-styled “lobbyist for the childrenand lamenter of “the passing of the patriot.”California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction is perhaps the most controversial figure in a slate overrun with politicians who hare a penchant for exciting passionate followers and passionate enemies. Here he is. observed and diagnosed by Mark Harris,author of the recent ATLANTIC article on the flowering of the hippies, as well as of many good books (WAKE UP, STUPID; A TICKET FOR A SEAMSTITCH), essays, and articles. Mr. Harris is professor of English at San Francisco State College, leaching this year at Purdue.

  • AP

    The Flowering of the Hippies

    “It was easy to see that the young men who were hippies on Haight Street wore beards and long hair and sometimes earrings and weird-o granny eye-glasses, and that they were generally dirty.”