Mark Derr

  • To Whale or Not to Whale

    A controversy over subsistence and commercial hunting threatens to tear apart the International Whaling Commission and worsen the problem of illegal whaling

  • The Perilous Iditarod

    Critics say the Iditarod puts sled dogs at needless risk, and that the race should be either halted or significantly modified. But, says the author, the evidence of animal mistreatment is inconclusive

  • Beyond Efficiency

    Even if lighter, durable, more efficient cars eventually replace those no ic in use, a long-term solution to overcrowded highways and an auto-centered culture will require imaginative transportation and urban-planning options. Several are already in place, with more to come

  • The Politics of Dogs

    An organization created to protect the purity of dog bloodlines has become, a journalist argues, misguided in its view of “quality “ and guilty of encouraging destructive forms of inbreeding that have robbed dogs of traditional skills and left them vulnerable to crippling disease