Jonathan Rees

Jonathan Rees
Jonathan Rees is a professor of history at Colorado State University, Pueblo, and the author of Refrigeration Nation:  A History of Ice, Appliances, and Enterprise in America.
  • Mini Object Lesson: The Art of Fridge Magnets

    Refrigerator magnets are small, cheap, durable, colorful and come in a limitless variety of shapes and sizes. All these qualities make them incredibly easy to horde. Thanks to our incredibly large refrigerators, Americans have ample space to display even the biggest collections.

    Art museums drove me into the ranks of refrigerator magnet hoarders. I used to buy postcards of paintings that I liked, but most of them sat in a desk drawer. Because magnets are smaller than postcards I can now fit more art onto the fridge and there’s still room for a magnetic message board!

  • The Huge Chill: Why Are American Refrigerators So Big?

    From iceboxes to stainless steel behemoths: An Object Lesson.