John V. Lindsay

  • The New g.o.p

    An outstanding victor among the Republican vanquished in the 1964 elections was CONGRESSMAN JOHN YLIET LINDSAY of the 17th (“Silk Stocking”) District in strongly Democratic New York City. A tall, dynamic man of forty-three, a graduate of St. Paul’s and Yale, he practiced law in Manhattan and served in the Justice Department in the Eisenhower Administration before entering politics. In November, he won his fourth term with a smash: of the 189,000 votes cast in his constituency, he collected 71 percent. Lindsay’s dramatic victory has, in the minds of many, marked him as a contender for bigger things, perhaps mayor of New York City or that historic launching pad, the governorship of New York state. In this interview with Robert Manning, the ATLANTIC’S executive editor, Mr. Lindsay discusses the future of his parly.