John L. Hess

  • My Compliments to the Freezer

  • American Cars: A Narrowing Choice

    Despite extraordinary gains in the sale of small foreign cars in this country, Detroit still seems to doubt that this relatively new market is worth developing. But while the number of American manufacturers has been diminishing, more and more producers overseas are finding buyers here for an increasing variety of their models. JOHN L. HESSis a New York journalist who specializes in business.

  • The Railroads Punish the Passenger

    Fare Boosts Eleven years ago Robert R. Young led the assault on the Association of American Railroads for its failure to accommodate the passenger with comfort. Today he and other railroad presidents are protesting to high heaven that only by carrying freight can the railroads survive. A newspaperman who specializes in business, JOHN L. HESS writes a daily broadcast of financial news for metropolitan New York. For eight years he was a commuter, but he “got fed up with it last fall and moved into town, wife, three kids, and all.”