John Harriman

  • The Inscrutable Mr. Baruch

    It is a rare thing in any year In find two books about a living man — both appearing on the bestseller list. But Bernard Baruch, now in his eighty-eighth year, is an American phenomenon who deserves such attention. For our appraisal we turn to JOHN HARRIMAN, novelist, and financial columnist for the Boston GLOBE who has known Mr. Baruch for many years.

  • We All Want Inflation

    The ten-cent local telephone call is already a reality in New York City. From the West Coast come reports of the ten-cent daily paper. If an automobile costs more, so does a commuter’s ticket. Wages are still going up. Each new wage and price increase seems to be supported by a “just this once" attitude on all sides, and no powerful opposition to any one of them has developed. JOHN HARRIMAN, financial columnist for the Boston Globe, brings to the fore an all-important question: If no combination of forces in the United States has been able to check the inflationary spiral, who is to blame?

  • A Little Place in the Country