John Carter

  • What Happens to Authors' Manuscripts?

    JOHN CARTERhas been in and around the rare book business most of his working life. His ABC FOR BOOK COLLECTORS,widely hailed as Ihe answer to Ihe book collector’s prayer, is now in Us second edition, and since he last contributed to theATLANTIChe has become rice president of the Bibliographical Society. Ur. (tarter is at present associate for American operations at Sotheby’s, the Bond Street auction house.

  • The Pendulum of Taste

    Author of ABC for Book-Collectors and Taste and Technique in Book-Collecting, and co-author of the book which uncovered the forgeries of Thomas J. Wise, JOHN CARTERhas spent most of his working life expediting the flow of European rarities to the United States. He reports that with the return of prosperity to Europe, connoisseurs there are scouting the American market for works of art as eagerly as Americans the European market. Mr. Carter is associated with Sotheby’s, the Bond Street auction house.

  • Bookseller and Auctioneer

    Author and bibliophile, well known in England for his superlative research which led to the detection of the forgeries of the internationally respected book collector Thomas J. Wise, JOHN CARTER is a Director of Scribner’s London house. Last year he delivered the Sandars Lectures at Cambridge University — lectures which were the source material for his new book, Taste and Technique in Book-Collecting, which will be published in the early summer by the R. R. Bowker Company.

  • Thomas J. Wise and His Forgeries

  • The Missing Rooms