Jeremy Larner

  • The College Drug Scene

    Jeremy Larner is the author of the novel DRIVE, HE SAID,and co-author of THE ADDICT IN THE STREET. He is currently teaching at the New York State University at Stony Brook, Long Island.

  • The Young Drug Addict Can We Help Him?

    Since it was founded in 1893. the Henry Street Settlement has served the children and the young people of New York‘s Lower East Side, helping them to cope ivilh disease, filth, overcrowding, gang warfare, and other problems arising out of poverty and unemployment. In the last decade, drug addiction among teen-agers has been an ever more serious concern. The article which follows has been drawn from THE ADDICT IN THE STREET,a book of interviews with heroin addicts edited by JEREMY LARNERand shortly to be published by Grove Press. Mr. Larner is the author of DRIVE, HE SAID,a novel that won the $10,000 Delta Prize.

  • What Do They Get From Rock'n'roll?

    JEREMY LARNER graduated from Brandeis University with the class of 1958 and was aWoodrowWilson National Fellow at the University of California. His first novel, DRIVE, HE SAID, has won the $10,000 Delta Prize Novel Award and will be published by Dell in the fall.