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Jeffrey Goldberg
Jeffrey Goldberg is the editor in chief of The Atlantic and a recipient of the National Magazine Award for Reporting. He is the author of Prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror. More +
  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    The Obama Doctrine, R.I.P.

    Under pressure to respond to Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Trump reached for the same playbook that his predecessor resisted opening.

  • Elena Olivo / The Atlantic

    Buffett and Gates: America Is Already Great, Thanks to Immigrants

    Two of the world’s three richest people extol the virtue, and relevance, of optimism in the age of Trump—and predict a comeback for fact-based discourse.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    'Even a Shining City on a Hill Needs Walls': Senator Tom Cotton

    A Republican hawk acclimates to the Trump presidency—and threatens to reconsider the One China policy.

  • Pete Souza / White House

    Obama, Race, and America’s Future

    In difficult times, the work of explaining America to itself and the world becomes ever more crucial.

  • Prensa Latina / Reuters

    Fidel Knew the 'Cuban Model' Couldn't Last Forever

    When I spent a week with Fidel, a dictator who outlasted 10 American presidents, and who nearly outlasted an 11th, I found a man who sensed that change was coming, and that the Cuban system would not last forever.

  • Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    What Gwen Ifill Knew About Race in America

    “If I weren’t a better person … I swear, I would worry about our lovely nation,” she once told me.

  • Win McNamee / Getty

    The Lessons of Henry Kissinger

    The legendary and controversial statesman criticizes the Obama Doctrine, talks about the main challenges for the next president, and explains how to avoid war with China.

  • John Duricka / AP

    World Chaos and World Order: Conversations With Henry Kissinger

    The former secretary of state reflects on war, peace, and the biggest tests facing the next president.

  • KCNA / Reuters

    Donald Trump and the Threat of Nuclear War

    The single most important question in this campaign: Which candidate is better equipped to manage the North Korean threat without triggering catastrophe?

  • The Unbearable Smallness of Benjamin Netanyahu, Cont'd

    Last week, I posted a piece that contrasted the dreams, records, and dispositions of the late Israeli President Shimon Peres, and Israel’s current prime minister. The piece, under the headline “The Unbearable Smallness of Benjamin Netanyahu,” prompted a fair degree of fury on the part of Netanyahu’s aides, and from what I’ve been told, Netanyahu himself. The prime minister’s spokesman, David Keyes, sent us, through the Israeli embassy in Washington, the following response—he sent it on Rosh Hashanah, in fact. I’m posting it today, in full, without any of my commentary:

    The Unbearable Misunderstanding of Goldberg

    By David Keyes

    Jeffrey Goldberg’s article “The Unbearable Smallness of Netanyahu” blames Prime Minister Netanyahu for stymieing peace, paralyzing pessimism, alienating Americans, scapegoating Arabs, misplaying Iran and fetishizing fear.

    Big claims. None of them true.

    Implicit in Goldberg’s piece is the assumption that the Israeli people must be stupid or naive. Why else would they keep voting for someone Goldberg considers such a short-sighted fear-monger?

  • Reuters

    The Unbearable Smallness of Benjamin Netanyahu

    With the death of Shimon Peres, Israel has lost its chief optimist. And the prime minister remains paralyzed by pessimism.

  • Larry Downing / Getty

    Getting Bill Out of the House

    If Hillary Clinton takes office, her best adviser in mediating Israel and Palestine’s century-old conflict might be the man who came closest to doing it before.

  • Denis Sinyakov / Reuters

    It's Official: Hillary Clinton Is Running Against Vladimir Putin

    Fulfilling what might be the Russian autocrat’s dearest wish, Trump has openly questioned whether the U.S. should keep its commitments to NATO.

  • Andrew Kelly / Reuters

    The Hollow Men

    Why didn’t the most talented, most influential Republican politicians—men like Chris Christie, Tom Cotton, and Paul Ryan—do more to stop Donald Trump?

  • Christophe Petit Tesson / Reuters

    Sharia Does Not Mean What Newt Gingrich Thinks It Means

    One country that officially endorses the Muslim legal system is one of the politician’s favorites—Israel.

  • Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    What Obama Actually Thinks About Radical Islam

    The president does not suffer illusions about the pathologies afflicting the broader Muslim world.

  • Wikimedia

    A Brief Introduction to Pro-Holocaust Twitter

    Donald Trump has expressed no interest in opening up death camps for Jews should he win the presidency, but his ardent supporters on the racist right have their hopes. 

  • Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

    Is There a Hillary Doctrine?

    A conversation with Alter Egos author Mark Landler, the only person who thinks more than I do about the foreign-policy differences between Obama and his former secretary of state.

  • Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

    Ben Rhodes and the 'Retailing' of the Iran Deal

    Here’s what the New York Times Magazine’s story gets wrong.

  • Carlos Barria / Reuters

    Obama’s Former Middle East Adviser: We Should Have Bombed Assad

    Philip Gordon says the administration did just enough in Syria to perpetuate the conflict without resolving it.