Jeff Roda

  • In 79 Days, Innocence Lost, Then Found

    In less than two hours the country would be left stunned, sickened, and terrified. But  before then, on the morning of November 22, 1963, the CBS Morning News, hosted by Mike Wallace, aired a light trend segment about a band called The Beatles and a phenomenon called “Beatlemania” that was taking Britain by storm. 

  • 'The Big Chill' Turns 30: Boomers Before the Bust

    In revisiting the navel-staring gang of The Big Chill, Lawrence Kasdan’s reunion picture that celebrates the 30th anniversary of its release next week, it’s clear that the immediate satisfaction of self-interest was all they ever cared about.

  • When Tom Cruise Was Great: 'A Few Good Men' at 20

    A Few Good Men marked an exorcism for Cruise, where he shrewdly sent up the character-construct of a young man masking a father-related soul-sickness with some unrepentant recklessness, whether in the air, on the track, behind the bar or with a pool cue that weighed so heavily on him in the 80s.

  • Men in Hell: 'Glengarry Glen Ross' at 20

    David Mamet and James Foley have created a nearly perfectly constructed film.But hell is still hell. And hell needs a ruler. In a production filled with wonderful roles and actors, it’s Ricky Roma and the extraordinary Al Pacino that brings us back again and again.

  • Boomers, Neglect, and ‘The Lost Boys’ at 25

    The Emerson boys’ plight and their tight kinship form the lasting appeal of Joel Schumacher’s gem, The Lost Boys, which this week marks 25 years since its American release.

  • 'Withnail and I' at 25: The Hetero-Male Breakup Done Right

    American comedies have been dominated by bromances for nearly a decade — including this weekend’s human-stuffed animal friendship fantasy, Ted — but perhaps the most sensitive comedic portrayal of heterosexual male romance is a picture that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, the oft-forgotten Withnail and I

  • Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

    Why Ferris Bueller Never Existed

    Happy Ferris Bueller Day Off Day, Ferris! That is, of course, if you even exist.