Jannette L. Sturges

  • The Contributors' Column

    After standing at the steering wheel of the Atlantic for thirty years, a term of service thrice as long as has been enjoyed — or suffered — by any of his predecessors, the Editor relinquishes his duties. His decision, made more than twelve months ago, has until the actual completion of his term been kept an office secret. From 1908 to 1938! It has been a long voyage, and on the whole a fair one. There have been gales, as there will always be when duty and conviction are involved, but the sun is warmer than it used to he and t he sky bluer. After all, our readers are the weather gauge, and their number, eight times what it was three decades ago, seems to show that the Atlantic’s barometer is still rising. The Mate is now Master, and the ship is away on a true course.