James Yaffe

  • Only a Crazy Man Has Daughters

    JAMES YAFFEmade his first appearance in the Atlantic with his short story “Mr. Feldman" in January, 1949, when he was twenty-one years old. Since then he has had another story in the Atlantic and has published a collection of short stories and a first novel both in the United States and in England. His stories hare appeared in anthologies, and for three years in succession he has won a prize in the Ellery Queen Mystery Contest. His new novel, What’s the Big Hurry?, of which the following is an excerpt, is the story of a Chicago businessman; it will be published under the Atlantic-Little, Brown imprint this month.

  • Poor Cousin Evelyn

    JAMES YAFFE made his first appearance in the Atlantic with his short story “Mr. Feldman,” which was published in January, 1949. This is his second, and we hope for more to come. When pressed for details about himself, he wrote us: “Born in Chicago in 1927, moved to New York with my family very young, educated at Fieldston High School and Yale, spent a year in the Saw, got out of Yale with my M.A. degree, and spent a year in Paris.”

  • Mr. Feldman

    In his senior year at Yale, JAMES YAFFE wrote the short story which followsa work of such undeniable promise that we are reprinting it with the kind permission of the Yale Literary Magazine. Mr. Taffe, who sold six stories to Ellerv Queen’s Mystery Magazine before he got to Yale, is now, at twenty-one, a veteran living and writing in Paris. It is our hope that we shall see more of his work in the Atlantic.