Jack London

  • The Scab

    “Such is the tangle of conflicting interests in a tooth-and-nail society that people cannot avoid being scabs, are often made so against their desires, and unconsciously.” A short story

  • The Gold-Hunters of the North

    “No Christian martyr ever possessed greater faith than did the pioneers of Alaska. … They could not leave. They ‘knew’ the gold was there, and they persisted. Somehow, the romance of the land and the quest entered into their blood, the spell of it gripped hold of them and would not let them go.”

  • Sally Deng

    An Odyssey of the North

    “They called him the ‘Strange One,’ ‘Ulysses,’ and the ‘Man with the Otter Skins’ … Where did he come from? And what was he doing there? And why did he come from there? Another mystery of the north, Prince, for you to solve.”