Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

  • Why I Believe in Eisenhower

    The Atlantic invited SENATOR HENRY CABOT LODGE, JR., campaign manager for Dwight D. Eisenhower, to sum up the reasons why he has pledged his allegiance to the General. This is what he wrote.

  • Stop Being Afraid

    In his first major speech before the United Nations, SENATOR HENRY CABOT LODGE, ,1K., laid down some home truths which will be applauded by Americans everywhere. He rose to answer a two-hour harangue bv Andrei 1 . I ishinsky. The Soviet Foreign Minister charged that the 1 ‘nited Stales nicer would agree to a prohibition of the atomic bomb; he accused us of every form of warmongering and added two new ones to his list: that Japanese soldiers were fighting in Korea and that the It esl teas rebuilding fascism in Austria. Senator Lodge spoke briefly, but apparently he found the weak spot in the Soviet delegate’s armor, for I ishinsky turned brick red as he listened.

  • Modernize the G.O.P: Specifications for a Republican Program

    A Yankee born at Nahant on July 5, 1902, HENRY CABOT LODGE, JR., was educated at Middlesex School at Harvard. He began as a journalist in the Washington bureau and then on the editorial staff of the New York Herald Tribune. After two terms in the General Court of Massachusetts. he was the only Republican to replace a Democrat in the U.S. Senate in 1936, defeating ex-Mayor Curley by a plurality of 142,000. He was re-elected in 1942; went to Africa in the first detachment of American Tanks with the British Eighth Army; then resigned his Senate seat to serve in Italy, Southern France, and Germany. He was elected to the Senate for the third time in 1916, where his record stamps him as one of the strongest younger men in the party.

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