Henrietta Sharon

  • "The Guy in the Next Bed"

    HENRIETTA SHARON, illustrator living in New York, had the idea of organizing a group of artists who would visit and sketch the wounded in near-by hospitals. How the boys in the wards took to the idea you will see in the pages which follow. Miss Sharon had as her associates Albert Hirschfeld (Times staff cartoonist), Berney Tobey (who had formerly sketched at Stage Door Canteen), Wallace Morgan (illustrator and AEF artist in the last war), Willard Fairchild, Louis Giacobbe (USN), George Greller (Herald Tribune), Victor de Pauw (of the New Yorker and Fortune staffs), and others who will appear in her account. This paper has been drawn from Miss Sharon’s new book. It’s Good to Be Alive, which Dodd, Mead will publish this spring.