Harold J. Laski

  • My Day in Court

    HAROLD J. LASKI was for twenty-four years Professor of Political Science at the University of London, and for eleven of those years a member of the Executive Committee of the British Labor Party. In his political activities Mr. Laski became involved in a libel suit which proved to be one of the most notable in the long history of British law. Among his papers after his death was found this unforgettable account which Mr. Laski had written of his days in court. For a proper understanding of the circumstances that led up to the trial we have turned to Judge Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, whose foreword follows.

  • Harris & Ewing / Library of Congress

    The Roosevelt Experiment

    “The Roosevelt experiment, in a word, is a systematic effort to put capitalism into leading strings of principle. It is to be the servant, and not the master, of the American people.”