Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz is chef and owner of Chicago's Alinea. He grew up in the restaurant industry, literally, with restaurateurs as parents and grandparents. More +
  • The Thrill of the Gel Is Gone

    The food industry looks to science to help it do anything from suspend beads of gel in a sweet beverage, to figure out a way to pack a breath-freshening burst of mint in a strip of film smaller than a postage stamp. But what can modern science offer some of the world's best chefs?

  • In Madrid, Defending Molecular Gastronomy

    Without the laboratory, the modern-day chocolate bar may very well not exist. Molecular gastronomy can be a heated, controversial topic in the food world but that doesn't mean it hasn't given us great things. A study in the science of food.

  • Madrid Fusion, G8 Summit for Chefs

    A diverse group of the world's tops chefs come together each year to share their latest discoveries and philosophies, and bridge culinary boundaries. The longtime star of the culinary world's cutting-edge conference asks, is the Madrid mojo gone?