George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was an award-winning playwright and novelist.
  • The Problem of a Common Language

    Britains most distinguished dramatist, whose plays, letters, and postcards have delighted people the world over, GEORGE BERNARD SHAW is just a little wiser and older than the Atlantic, and continues to be one of its liveliest contributors. He was born in Dublin in July, 1856; captured London twenty years later; in 1881 he became the leading spirit of the Fabian Society; and in 1925 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • If I Were a Priest

    Because of his forebodings based on the belief that the solar system would in time be engulfed by an icecap, the Very Reverend W . R. Inge, Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral. became identified in Britain’s press as “the Gloomy Dean.”That he far from deserved the title has often been shown; but if further proof were required, it is given by himself in Diary of a Dean, recently published in England and here commented upon by one of his famous contemporaries, GEORGE BERNARD SHAW.

  • Capital Punishment

    A 1948 look at capital punishment