Geoffrey Crowther

  • English and American Education: Depth Versus Breadth

    SIR GEOFFREY CROWTHER was editor of the ECONOMIST from 1938 to 1950. As chairman of the Central Advisory Council for Education, he has devoted himself during the past three years to a comprehensive survey of English education, and on his occasional trips to this country he began drawing the comparisons which are so illuminating in this article. His findings were first presented to the Conference of High School Principals and Supervisors in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • British Socialism on Trial

    Under the editorship of GEOFFREY CROWTHER, the London Economist has quadrupled its circulation in ten years. A graduate of Cambridge I niversitv, where he teas President of the Union, and a Common wealth Fund Fellow who studied at Yale in 1929-1931, Mr. Crowther has a close, practical understanding of Anglo-American economics. No fairer referee could be ashed to report on the economic consequences of British socialism. The address he delivered on this subject before the Economic Club of New York provides the foundation of the article which follows.