Frederick W. Copeland

  • The Righteous Major

    After a successful career as a corporation president, FREDERICK W. COPELANDmoved to Southern California, where for the past fifteen years he has been active as a management consultant. He here reveals for ATLANTICreaders and Civil War enthusiasts some hitherto unpublished information regarding his grandfather and how he tried to save the Union.

  • The Illusion of Owning a Business

    “Much has been said about the Horatio Alger type of young man, says FREDERICK W. COPELAND,who starts his own business and progresses to fame and wealth, but no one has commented on the thousands of young men who without special talents or capabilities have frittered away the years of early manhood starting their own businesses.”Mr. Copeland, after a successful career as a corporation president, moved to Southern California,where his activities as a management consultant have exposed him to literally hundreds of small enterprises from which he has drawn the conclusions expressed in this article.