F. D. Reeve

  • Writer Versus Bureaucrat in the Soviet Union

    Poet, critic, and professor of Russian literature at Wesleyan University, F. D. REEVE served as Robert Frost’s interpreter when the poet visited the Soviet Union shortly before his death. The provocative account of this journey wilt be published in March in his book ROBERT FROST IN RUSSIA. In the following article, Mr. Reeve discusses the anomalous position of the creative writer in the Soviet Union.

  • Robert Frost Confronts Khrushchev

    It was characteristic of Robert Frost that in his mid-eighties he should stand up to the most demanding occasions of his career. His triumphant tours of England and Scotland were followed by his trip to Israel and by his reading at the Inauguration, and then, at President Kennedy’s urging, he accepted the invitation to visit the Soviet Union. This is what took place, as recorded by F. D. REEVE, poet, critic, and professor of Russian literature at Wesleyan University,who served as Mr. Frost’s interpreter.