Ernst H. Gombrich

  • Painter and Critic

    Winston Churchill was exhibiting his paintings under a pseudonym as early as 1921. We turn to London’s foremost critic for an appraisal of Sir Winston’s canvases and for an analysis of why he painted as he did. Director of the Warburg Institute, with which he has been connected for twenty-eight years, PROFESSOR GOMBRICII has taught at Oxford, at Cambridge, and at Harvard.

  • Exhibitionship

    Andre Malraux's decision to send the VENUS DE MILO to Japan as an inducement for the Olympic Games and Pope John's earlier offer to have Michelangelo's PIETA travel to New York for the World's Fair have prompted this expostulation by ERNST H. GOMBRICH, director of the Warburg Institute in London and the author of ART AND ILLUSION

  • The Tyranny of Abstract Art

    The vogue and lure of abstraction is a burning issue in modern art. For many painters and critics, faith in abstract art is faith in the future of mankind. But, having become a faith for a few, it has also become a fashion for many, and a fashion which threatens to degrade contemporary art to a mere badge of allegiance. Born in Vienna, ERNST GOMBRICH has been a member of the Warburg Institute in. London since 1936.