Enid Bagnold

  • The Everlasting Plateau: Basutoland

    ENID BAGNOLD’S books have non her many admirers in this country. National Velvet (1935), The Door of Life (1937), and The Loved and the Envied (1951) —these three novels, each so different and so versatile, have established her as a most welcome author in any season. On her husband’s retirement from Reuter’s News Agency, of which he was director for many years, she had the opportunity to visit again that high plateau in South Africa which she writes about so discerningly in the paper that follows.

  • The Flop

    ENID BAGNOLD is the author of Serena Blandish, National Velvet, The Door of Life, and The Loved and the Envied. Her first novel became a Broadway hit when it was dramatized by S. N. Behrman in 1925, and in 1951 she was persuaded to bring a new play to America, a comedy entitled Gertie which opened in New York last January and closed after four days. The throes of such an experience are something to remember.

  • The Playwright and the Actress