Dorothy Thompson

  • The Boy and Man From Sauk Centre

    Last summer, Sauk Centre, Minnesota, the birthplace of Sinclair Lewis, celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the publication of MAIN STREET.TO the pageant went DOROTHY THOMPSON, Mr. Lewis’ second wife. It was her first visit to the little town, and one which gave her, as she now gives us, a fresh insight into the writer who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

  • Sinclair Lewis: A Postscript

    One of the leading women in American journalism, DOROTHY THOMPSON has built up an enormous following with her magnetic and militant column and her forthright, gusty lectures and broadcasts. After reading Professor Perry Miller’s appraisal of “The Incorruptible Sinclair Lewiswhich appeared in the April Atlantic, she wrote from the heart the following letter of corroboration, which she has kindly permitted us to print.