Derek Brown
Derek Brown
Derek Brown is a writer, illustrator, bartender, and co-owner of acclaimed bars The Passenger and Columbia Room in Washington, D.C. He sits on the board of directors for the Museum of the American Cocktail. More +
  • The Story of the American Mixologist

    It's more than just a bartender, but no one's quite sure how to define mixologist -- much less "bar chef" of "mixicologist." This question, far from new, has been around for 150 years. As long as there have been mixologists in America, there has been confusion about what makes one.

  • Food Pairings Beyond Wine

    Food goes with more than just wine. Beer, cocktails, and tea can make a great partner for many dishes. If a sommelier expands his or her horizons beyond simple red-or-white, food pairing options -- and the dining experience itself -- profit enormously.

  • The World's Greatest Wingmen

    At the bar and looking to meet someone, but in need of a good wingman? Try the bartender. They're sober (mostly), they've seen it all, and they know when it's time to move on. You might be surprised how good they are...and how often they do it.