David Wagner

  • Video Games Can Help Dyslexic Kids Read Better

    Discovered: Video games can help dyslexic kids read; pregnancy increases foot size; around 100 million sharks are killed annually; mammalian sperm swims upstream. 

  • 9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Has Been Disowned

    Now that Lil Poopy's biological father is under investigation for child neglect, the MC who played rap-game father figure to the controversial 9-year-old is trying to keep his distance.

  • Five Best Friday Columns

    Paul Krugman on Ben Bernanke vs. the man, Yochai Benkler on the Bradley Manning case, Jonathan DeHart on Dennis Rodman in North Korea, Michael O'Hanlon on intervention beyond Syria, and David Min on government-backed mortgages.

  • 'Now That's What I Call Music!' Is Still Insanely Valuable

    European antitrust regulators have pried NOW That's What I Call Music! from Universal Music Group's hands, ensuring they won't reap any more profits from one of the music industry's perennial bestsellers.

  • Why Barnes & Noble Might Want to Stay in the Bookstore Business

    Nook sales took a nosedive last quarter, reminding Barnes & Noble executives that their luddite brick-and-mortar business still holds value. Ironically, the most stable route forward for the company right now seems to be sticking with physical rather than digital retail. 

  • Five Best Thursday Columns

    Alex Pareene on Woodward's weird sequester statements, Ezra Klein on better budgeting, Adam Serwer on the Supreme Court's racism blindness, Charles Blow on the Voting Rights Act, and Boris Muñoz on Chavez's would-be successors. 

  • Doing Less Housework Makes You Put on Weight

    Discovered: Doing less chores has increased women's waistlines; watch how these capuchin monkeys crack nuts; using genetics to pinpoint the date of The Iliad; first images of a black hole's spin.

  • How BuzzFeed Turned Its Own Sloppy Journalism into Something to Celebrate

    Over the past few days, BuzzFeed has turned the story of a Palestinian filmmaker detained by LAX customs officials on his way to the Oscars into something infinitely more petty: an all-out campaign to distract readers from their own shoddy reporting. 

  • Is America Over Soda?

    Americans aren't as thirsty for soft drinks as they used to be. And with tax proposals, looming bans, DIY soda machines, and consumers' increasing health consciousness on the rise, soda companies could be entering something of a dry spell.

  • Five Best Wednesday Columns

    Dana Milbank on Hagel's confirmation, Sheila Bair on why the GOP should care about income inequality, Richard Karlgaard on Wal-Mart's dipping sales, Simon Jenkins on Europe's resurgent populism, and Mathew Ingram on new anti-piracy rules. 

  • Michael Moore Breaks Down Buzzfeed's Mistakes on Emad Burnat's LAX Debacle

    In statements made exclusively to The Atlantic Wire, Michael Moore and Emad Burnat say the Palestinian filmmaker's detainment by LAX customs officials on his way to the Oscars was anything but a "publicity stunt," as a deeply flawed BuzzFeed report based on a single anonymous source characterized the incident.

  • This Titanic Replica Could Sink Just Like the Original

    For an as-of-yet unnamed price, you too can board a massive luxury ocean liner much like the Titanic for its maiden voyage in 2016. And just as it was on that fateful journey, you too could go down with the ship, according to designs unveiled today.

  • The Trayvon Martin Amendment Doesn't Stand a Chance

    Meaningful debates on gun violence followed Newtown and Aurora, but Stand Your Ground laws remain on state books exactly as they did one year ago, when George Zimmerman fatally shot a 17-year-old walking home from a Florida convenience store.

  • Five Best Tuesday Columns

    Joanne Bamberger on Silicon Valley's working moms, Jonathan Cohn on the inevitable sequester, Jeffrey Toobin on Pistorius' likely plea bargain, Hussein Banai on Iran's refusal to talk, and Arthur Levitt on an SEC failure.

  • The Mediterranean Diet Is Officially This Good for Your Heart

    Discovered: A famous diet can improve heart health by as much as 30 percent; maybe organic tomatoes are better for you after all; signs of an ancient underwater continent; Spider-Man's hypothetical web could stop a hypothetical train, according to physics.

  • The Importance of Sonia Sotomayor Being Honest with This Racist Prosecutor

    A United States prosecutor who tried to win a drug case by invoking racial prejudices received a lesson on Constitutional law from Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor today. Her lucid statement highlights the importance of equal protection under the law.

  • No One Wants to Hear Mumford & Sons Rap

    Mumford & Sons strummed and harmonized their way to a Grammy for Album of the Year, but now they're ready to ditch the folksy acoustics for rap. Everyone on the Internet is already stopping their ears.

  • Five Best Monday Columns

    Paul Krugman on elections in austere Italy, Mathew Ingram on Google re-upping a nasty Nascar video, Tom Gross on the UN and modern-day slavery, Gordon Chang on Foxconn's exit from China, and Timothy Lee on Comcast as a threat.  

  • Reading Fiction Can Make You More Empathetic

    Discovered: Emotional engagement with fiction boosts real-world empathy; a new MRI video of a fetal brain; Siberia's permafrost is thawing too quickly; a microchip that restores vision.

  • Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z Tour Dates That Could Feature BeyoncĂ©, Mapped

    Before you buy tickets to Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z's "Legends of the Summer" tour, you should know that many of their concerts definitely won't be featuring a cameo from Mrs. Carter. Now that the schedules are out, let's span North America.