Curtis Cate

  • Eugene Ionesco

    Eugène Ionesco, whose play RHINOCEROS was one of the sensations of the 1961 Broadway season, has been called the most original playwright since Pirandello. Recently he joined the repertory ofclassic h reach dramatists with his fourth three-act play, LA SOIF ET FAIM,staged by the Coinédie Française. We hare turned for this portrait to Curtis Cate, writer and critic who lives in Paris.

  • Chabert of Tain l'Hermitage

  • Zermatt

  • Footloose in Prague: A Marxist Bohemia

    CURTIS CATE, who represents the ATLANTIC in Paris, served with the American Army in Czechoslovakia at the end of the Second World War. Last June he returned to Prague for the first time since 1945. Here is what he saw and heard.

  • People on Fire: The Congo

    CURTIS CATE,who represents the ATLANTICin Europe,has traveled extensively in northern Africa and the Middle East, and at our suggestion he undertook this survey of the Congo to see for himself how things were being run after the colonial administrators had pulled out. In certain instances, Mr. Cate has used fictitious names in order to protect his sources.

  • The Road to Moscow: De Gaulle and the Kremlin

    Many explanations have been put forward as to why General de Gaulle has vetoed Britain’s admission to the European Economic Community. It is the contention of the present article that the General’s opposition to Britain is a deliberate part of his long-range diplomatic maneuvering with the Soviet Union. CURTIS CATE represents the ATLANTIC in Europe.

  • Turmoil in Algeria

    A foreign correspondent of the ATLANTIC’Swho has often visited in North Africa, CURTIS CATEexplains in the pages which follow the misgivings of those who were close to the Algerian crisis and who felt that the solution was being jeopardized by the precipitous pace of the liberation.

  • Simone De Beauvoir

    CURTIS CATE,who represents the ATLANTIC in Europe, here gives us an appraisal of Simone de Beauvoir, France’s leading femme savante. Miss de Beauvoir’s latest book, THE PRIME OF LIFE, recently published by World, is the second volume of her memoirs. In it she discusses her friendship with Jean-Paul Sartre.

  • Lawrence Durrell

    Representing the ATLANTIC in Europe, Mr. Cate was born in France and received his education at Harvard and at Oxford. This evaluation of Lawrence Durrell’s work is based on several meetings with the author of the Alexandria Quartet.

  • Fez

  • Wikimedia

    Charles de Gaulle: The Last Romantic

    “The facts may prove me wrong,” Charles de Gaulle one day declared to his Finance Minister, Antoine Pinay, “but history will prove me right.” To which M. Pinay replied: “But, mon Général, I thought history was written with facts.” Today many of the facts are known, but President de Gaulle's ultimate historical destiny is as unpredictable as ever. Curtis Cate, who represents the Atlantic in Europe, here probes the strengths and failings of one of the most complex Frenchmen of our times.

  • The Rise and Decline of Françoise Sagan

    At the age of twenty-four, Françoise Sagan is France’s most widely read author. Her fourth novel, AIMEZ-VOUS BRAHMS . . .which was published in September in Paris and which is appearing in this country this month under the Dutton imprint, has brought her sales in France alone to over two million copies. What is the explanation for the phenomenal success of a writer whose precocious gifts, while undeniable, have notably failed to develop? CURTIS CATE, the ATLANTIC’Srepresentative in Europe, here undertakes to answer this question.

  • Isak Dinesen

    A member of the ATLANTIC’S editorial staff now representing us in Europe, CURTIS CATE was born in France and received his education at Harvard and at Oxford. He recently visited Isak Dinesen, the Baronesse Blixen, in Copenhagen to secure the source material for the following appraisal of one of the world’s most skillful craftsmen in the field of the short story.

  • God and Success

    Americans have always been responsive to revivalists and to those who seek to popularize religion. But recently, as CURTIS CATE points out, the glorification of commercial success has been added to godliness in a way to make us somewhat skeptical of the new piety. Mr. Cate, who was born in France and educated at Harvard and Oxford, is now on the editorial staff of the Atlanlic.

  • Mozart Festivals

  • Charles De Gaulle: Self-Portrait of a Patriot

    The first volume of de Gaulle’s war memoirs, The Call to Honour, which Viking has just published in translation, reveals not only a stubborn French patriot and a dogmatic general, but a writer of remarkable talent. CURTIS CATE,who gives us here an analytical portrait of de Gaulle the man of letters, was born in France, is a graduate of Harvard, and is now on the staff of the Atlantic.