Charles L. Whipple

  • Dirty Money in Boston

    It has been said that the city of Boston is so corrupt that it is no longer aware of its men corruption, heats have been made ever since the wings were added to the original brick State House under Governor MeCall in 1916. The taxpayer himself has wearily shrugged his shoulders with the thought that nothing can be done about graft. But in August of 1960 an inquiry, which had been three years in starting, suddenly broke into the open when it came under the jurisdiction of Judge Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. CHARLES L, WIIIPPLE, who covered the case for the Boston GOLBE,has examined some 40 volumes of testimony resulting in the conviction and sentencing for income tax evasion of Thomas Worcester, a well-known Boston consulting engineer, whose firm had been involved in the building of Massachusetts highways. The pattern of corruption as revealed l>y this inquiry and confirmed by the opinion of the judge is too corroding to be accepted in silence. In how many other American cities has this pattern been duplicated?