Carlton Lake

  • The Wisdom of Giacometti

    Swiss-born Alberto Giacometti in one of the world’s most controversial sculptors. A major exhibition of his work, now at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, wilt go to Chicago in November and to California next year. Last fall, while he was preparing for this exhibition, Carlton Lake, American art critic and collector, talked with him in the Paris studio where he has worked for forty years.

  • Pablo Picasso's Love: La Femme-Fleur

    The love affair between Pablo Picasso, aged 64, and Franqoise Gilot, 24, began in Paris in the spring of 1943 during the German occupation of France. She was a student of art, the only child of a domineering father who brought her up as if she had been his son. In her mood of rebellion she found in Picasso a gentleness and a depth of understanding she had not known in any other man. They were to live together for the next ten years; she was to bear him two children. Their relationship forms the substance of a new book, LIFE WITH PICASSO, to be published this winter by McGrawHill. This excerpt is taken from the opening part.

  • Artist at Work: Marc Chagall

    Marc Chagall has lived in Paris since he left Russia in 1940. For the past five years he has devoted himself to a new medium, stained glass, and last winter invited CARLTON LAKE, an American art critic who is his neighbor, to go to Reims and watch him work.

  • Henry Moore's World

    The most distinguished living sculptor, Henry Moore opened up as he never has before in the talk with CARLTON LAKE which follows. Mr. Lake, art critic for the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR,has lived abroad since 1952. Last autumn, after his visit with Mr. Moore in Hertfordshire, he returned to the United States, where he is now at work on a new book.

  • The New Spanish Painters

    In the past ten years the young painters of Spain have been producing art that is exciting and unconventional, yet at the same time thoroughly Spanish. For an explanation of this new art the ATLANTIC has turned to CARLTON LAKE, art critic for the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, who has lived abroad since 1952.

  • Color as Love: A Portrait of Chagall

    CARLTON LAKE is the Paris art critic for the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, and since 1952 he has made his headquarters in a venerable Louis XIII house on the Ile St. Louis. When Marc Chagall returned this spring from his visit to the United States, Mr. Lake called on him at his home in Paris. The following article is the result.

  • AP

    Picasso Speaking

    The Paris art critic for The Christian Science Monitor recounts a visit with Pablo Picasso at his home.

  • Fourth of July in Paris

    CARLTON LAKE is the Paris art correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor. For the past several years he has been living on the He St.-Louis in a venerable Louis XVI house. From this charming vantage point, he has been able to observe and chronicle the entertaining idiosyncrasies of the ParisiansAmerican no less than French — on both the Left and Right banks of the Seine.