C. G. Jung

  • Jung's View of Christianity

    For the first time in his extensive writings C. G. JUNG tells of his personal experience of God. Despite his sometimes unorthodox views, especially in his answer to the problem of evil and his conception of a God who is not entirely good or kind, Jung’s deepest convictions are firmly rooted in his allegiance to Christianity. MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS will be published this spring by Pantheon Books.

  • Jung on Life After Death

    The refreshingly open and always surprising manner in which C. G. JUNG discusses the possibility of life after death reflects his personal vision and intense concern with religion. In this extraordinary testimony to his faith in man’s relation to the infinite, he says. “Only if we know that the thing which truly matters is the infinite can we avoid fixing our interest upon futilities and upon all kinds of goals which are not of real importance.”

  • Jung on Freud

    Though Sigmund Freud looked on C. G. JUNG as his disciple, the younger man disagreed strongly with Freud’s dogmatic insistence on sex as the root of all neuroses. This great split in the early history of psychiatry is here frankly described by Jung. The following is the first of three selections from MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS, to be published in January by Pantheon.