Barbara W. Tuchman

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    The Case of Woodrow Wilson

    A popular historian agreed with Freud that Wilson was a tragic figure whose neuroses got in his way.

  • History as Mirror

    Doomsayers ride high, and understandably so, in the final decades of the twentieth century. But here a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian draws from the past a message of hope: Man, as he’s done before, will muddle through his time of dismay and disarray.

  • "If Asia Were Clay in the Hands of the West": The Stilwell Mission to China, 1942-44

  • In the Wake of War: Time and Reality in the Middle East

    In her ATLANTICarticle of September on the nature of the Israeli armed forces, Mrs. Tuchman wrote as a reporter, In this one she writes as historian,viewing the Middle East situation not in the context of events just passed or events shortly to come in such places as the United Nations, but in the long chain of history. Mrs. Tuchman’s first, book, less widely known than THE GUNS OF AUGUSTand THE PROUD TOWER,was BIBLE AND SWORD,a study of the relation of Britain to Palestine up to the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

  • Israel's Swift Sword

    This report on the people, the planning, and the mission of the Israeli armed forces comes with special appropriateness from the author of THE GUNS OF AUGUST,the memorable book about the opening of World War I. Mrs. Tuchman’s recounting of great plans gone awry and thousands sacrificed to human vanity and error in August, 1914‚ has become required reading among statesmen today. Some of its chapters were included, in training courses for the Israeli officers who engineered the victory over the Arabs. To compile this first of two articles for the ATLANTIC, Mrs. Tuchman went to Israel and interviewed Israeli officials and fighting men, from top commanders to privates.

  • Can History Use Freud? The Case of Woodrow Wilson

    The speculations of Sigmund Freud are the basis for THOMAS WOODROW WILSON: TWENTY-EIGHTH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - A PSYGHOLOGICAL STUDY, just published by Houghton Mifflin. The book was written in 1932 in conjunction with the former diplomat William C. Bullitt, and withheld from publication until now. The odd, controversial volume, its values and its mischiefs, is here examined by the author of THE ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM, THE GUNS OF AUGUST,and THE PROUD TOWER.

  • The Anarchists

    BARBARA W. TUCHMAN is the author of three books of history, THE GUNS OF AUGUST, THE ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM, and BIBLE AND SWORD. She is the mother of three daughters and is a graduate and trustee of Radcliffe College. This article is a shortened version of a chapter from a book on which she is now at work, dealing with the last two decades before the First World War and the quality of the world that died in 1914 The chapter in its completed form, includes also the Spanish and Russian Anarchists.