Alvin C. Eurich

  • Higher Education in the 21

    As we approach the twenty-first century, it is important that a qualified observer, DR. ALVIN C. EURICH of the Fund for the Advancement of Education in the Ford Foundation, should recapitulate some of the enormous advances which have been achieved during the last half of the twentieth century. Dr. Eurich was the first president of the State University in New York and academic vice president of Stanford University during his earlier years.

  • Russia's New Schooling

    A graduate of North Central College in Illinois, ALVIN C. EURICH took his M.A. at the University of Maine and his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. After holding administrative jobs in several universities, he became in 1949 the first president of the State University of New York, and since 1951 has been vice president of the Ford Fund for the Advancement of Education. The article which follows was written on his return from an examination of the Russian secondary schools and universities.