Allen Jackson

  • A Laugh for the Olympics

    A big-time athlete who played guard for the University of Michigan in the Rose Bowl, ALLEN JACKSONcannot suppress a grin at our censorious attitude toward the Russians in the Olympic games. After a year of graduate study in England, Mr. Jackson worked in a copper mine in Butte, Montana, in a steel mill in Los Angeles, and with a logging gypo out of Port Angeles, Washington. He is now teaching at the Metairie Country Day School in New Orleans.

  • The Thief of Asswan

    Atlantic readers will remember ALLEN JACKSON as the University of Michigan football player whose extraordinary article “Too Much Football,” appeared in our October, 1951, issue.

  • Rugby Is a Better Game

    A first-string guard on three consecutive championship teams of the University of Michigan, ALLEN JACKSONattracted interest wherever the game is played with his article in the October Atlantic last year. “Too Much Football.”The following year he spent in England, where on Saturdays he played Rugby for Richmond, an amateur club which schedules both Oxford and Cambridge. Here is his comparison of the British game with the big-time football he played in the United States.

  • Too Much Football

    Apart from the moral breakdown at West Point and the taint of professionalism in one college after another, what has big-time football been doing to the player who has gone to college in honest search of an education?ALLEN JACKSONwas a first-string guard at the University of Michigan, from which he was graduated this year. He won his letter on three consecutive championship teams and played in the Rose Bowl. Here is his account of his own experiences at a university where the slogan is: “when Michigan loses, someone has to pay.'