Alan Trustman

  • The Silver Scam: How the Hunts Were Outfoxed

    When the Hunt brothers lost upwards of a billion dollars in the silver market, much of the world felt that it couldn’t have happened to two nicer guys. After all, the Texans were out to “corner the market” and cheat the small investor. . . Or were they? The author, himself a speculator in precious metals, has a different view. And he casts a cold eye on the methods and motives of those members of the financial establishment who brought the Hunts’ empire crashing down.

  • Who Killed Hollywood?

    “They weren’t making my kind of movies anymore"—so the author decided to write one himself. And thus began his education in a cutthroat industry made up of “highly motivated, good, sweet, kind, lovable, brilliant, and highly cultured people.”