Agnes E. Meyer

  • The Nation's Worst Slum: Washington, D.C.

    A constructive critic of American democracy and a staunch defender of civil rights, AGNES E. MEYER for more than three decades has made her winter home in Washington, and her appalling account of the misgovernment and of the misbehavior within its limits must be taken seriously.

  • Slums and Schools

    While he teas still president of Harvard University, James Bryant Conant took an active interest in improving onr public schools. His latest book, SLUMS AND SUBURBS,is his best and most courageous, and for an evaluation of it we turn to AGNES E. MEYER, herself a staunch defender of public schools.

  • Race and the Schools: A Crisis North and South

    In her speaking and writing, in her leslimony before congressional committees, and in her unflagging zeal for the improvement of the American community, AGNES E. MEYER has come to be recognized as a forthright and trusted authority on our public schools. The idealism which fires this article of hers will be found in two of her recent books, her autobiography, OUT OF THESE ROOTS,and her searching philosophical essay, EDUCATION FOR A NEW MORALITY.

  • Schoolboy Racketeers

    In her speaking and writing, in her testimony before Congressional committees, and in her unflagging zeal for public education, better medical care, and civil rights, AGNES E. MEYER HAS come to be recognized as one of the most forceful defenders of the family. In this paper, she traces one glaring case of juvenile delinquency to its source, and the recommendations she makes to counteract the spreading lawlessness are at once practical and sympathetic. Mrs. Meyer’s autobiography, Out of These Roots, published under the Atlantic - Little, Brown imprint last autumn, is being widely read and discussed.

  • The Clerical Challenge to the Schools

    How can the Protestant Churches,asks AGNES E. MEYER, “oppose with a good conscience the Catholic campaign to break down the wall between Church and State when they themselves have for years been breaching that wall by other methods?" A graduate and trustee of Barnard College and the mother of five children, Mrs. Meyer has served on several national commissions on Education and on Health. Last year she received the Annual Award of the Education Writers Association.

  • Women Aren't Men

    A two-fisted fighter for democracy in the American Community. whose recent articles on educational conditions in the counties surrounding Washington have aroused national interest, AGNES E. MEYER is the mother of five children and the grandmother of eight. A graduate and trustee of Barnard College, she is serving on the National Citizens Commission for the Public Schools, the President’s Commission on Higher Education, and the Midcentury White House Child Conference. The provocative words which follow are taken from an address which she delivered this spring at Howard University.

  • Everybody on Relief?

    “The nation is encouraging irresponsibility by a social security program weighted in favor of the spendthrift,”says AGNES E. MEYER, wife of the Chairman of the Board of the Washington Post. Mrs. Meyer drove this home at a meeting of the American Public Welfare Association in Atlantic City last fall. This article is part of a nation-wide survey she is making of problems in education, health, welfare, and community reorganization, for an Atlantic Monthly Press book.

  • Why Mistreat the Armed Forces?

    Unsanitary housing, shacks without toilet facilities and running water, the choice of living in trailer slums or commuting 75 miles twice a dayhere are some of the reasons why our Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel are finding home life impossible.AGNES E. MEYER has made an intensive study of the conditions under which we expect the members of our armed forces to live; and the social chaos which she found, makes the blood boil. Encouraged by the Atlantic, Mrs. Meyer, who is the wife of the Chairman of the Board of the Washington Post, is now carrying forward a series of investigations reaching to the roots of the American Community.

  • Are Our Public Schools Doing Their Job?

    A graduate of the New York public schools and of Barnard College, VGNES E. MEYERis today an outspoken crusader for a reritalized curriculum in our system of public education. A trenchant speaker and writer whose war studies of twenty-eight major industrial centers were published in book form under the title Journey Through Chaos, Mrs. Meyer was invited by the United Parents Associations of New York City to address their annual meeting, and on that occasion she issued this ringing challenge to our educators.

  • The School, the State, and the Church

    With her Lutheran upbringing and her firm belief in the democratic institutions of this country, AGNES E. MEYER, a graduate of Barnard, has been alert to detect the unhealthy symptoms in our working philosophy. Her war studies of twenty-eight major industrial centers were published under the title Journey Through Chaos. Since the war she has continued to report on those acute social problems in education, health, welfare, and community reorganization, many of her arlules appearing m the Washington Post, which her husband, Eugene Meyer, has published since 1933.