Aglaia Kremezi
Aglaia Kremezi
Aglaia Kremezi writes about food in Greek, European, and American magazines, publishes books about Mediterranean cooking in the U.S. and Greece, and teaches cooking classes. More +
  • Recipe: Crustless Zucchini Pie

    The French would call this a flan, I suppose, but this rustic Balkan dish--called mamaliga in some parts of mainland Greece--uses cornmeal as thickener with just two eggs and no cream.

  • Recipe: Batter-Fried Zucchini

    Loosely based on an ouzo batter my mother used for bacala fritters, this batter works well with any vegetable (string beans, fresh favas, peppers, cauliflower florets and even sage leaves) as well as with fish, shrimp, or mussels.

  • Greece, Home of Yogurt Perfection

    The author remembers the yogurt of her Greek youth and describes how a very different product by the same family landed in supermarkets everywhere. Includes an audio slideshow about yogurt's traditional place in Greek society and recipes for incorporating yogurt into a range of dishes, sweet and savory.

  • Greece, Home of Yogurt Perfection

  • Recipe: Yogurt, Garlic, Cucumber and Fennel Dip

    In this dip, the cooling taste of yogurt complements the bite of the garlic. It is the ideal side dish or relish for barbecue. In its more common form it is made with just cucumber, but you can also make it with shredded carrots and any other crunchy seasonal vegetable.

  • Recipe: Yogurt Pie with Vine Leaves

    A savory yogurt custard wrapped in vine leaves. This unusual recipe was described to the author by women working on a vineyard in Drama, in Greek Macedonia, and she included it in her first book. Includes directions for making one large pie or several small ones.

  • Recipe: Yogurt, Spinach, and Parsley Salad with Walnuts

    The recipe, from the author's new book, is her adaptation of an Armenian dish. As an alternative to the traditional pita bread, she recommends spreading the salad on toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread rubbed with a cut clove of garlic.

  • Recipe: Yogurt and Almond Cake with Lemon Syrup

    The author used to make this cake for family feasts, often cutting it into two layers with a piece of string and filling it with sweet cream to turn it into something more elaborate and festive. Its Greek name, tou yiaourtiou, means "the one with the yogurt."

  • Cooking and Loving Bitter Herbs

    Today, scientists insist that the compounds that give bitter taste to some vegetables are in fact beneficial to our own health. From coffee to dark chocolate, bitter food can be both healthy and flavorful. These Greek bitter herb recipes make the most of bitter.

  • Recipes for Your Own Greek Easter

    Easter is for Greeks what Thanksgiving is for Americans: a glorious family feast with dishes that make the most of the young season's early produce. A guide to the traditions, history, and food.

  • Recipe: Potatoes Riganates

    Few people can resist these potatoes, which are capable of stealing the show from any food they accompany, even from the lamb--so make sure you have plenty for seconds. If you're roasting a leg of lamb or a chicken, the potatoes can be cooked in its juices.

  • Recipe: Polyspori, Mixed Beans With Tahini

    This is a Lenten dish sometimes served on Good Friday, when even olive oil is banned from the table. If you don't like tahini, substitute 4 tablespoons fruity olive oil, and omit the wine or water.

  • Recipe: Beet, Yogurt, Garlic, and Dill Salad

    This pink beet tzatziki is an ideal side dish to serve with grilled lamb, chicken, or fish. As an alternative to the traditional pita bread, spread it on toasted whole wheat or multi-grain bread, rubbed with a cut clove of garlic.

  • Recipe: Roasted Leg of Lamb With North African Spices

    The North African flavor comes from, in addition to the classic oregano and rosemary, such Tunisian and Moroccan spices as caraway, cumin, and turmeric. It is also spiked with harissa, the ubiquitous hot pepper paste that is to Arab North-Africa what chili oil is to Asia.

  • Recipe: Magiritsa, Easter Lamb Soup

    Magiritsa is traditionally made with the parts of the lamb not used for spit-roasting. The soup gets its distinctive taste from scallions, fresh dill, and egg-and-lemon sauce. There are lots of different variations. With chicken and vegetarian variations.

  • Almond Recipes for a Greek Passover

    Brown or green, almonds are sweet, savory, as much Middle Eastern as Mediterranean. Kosher recipes for flourless cookies, baklava-based sweet cigars, savory rolls, garlic spread, and sweet-and-sour green almonds. Features audio slideshow.

  • Leonidas' Crunchy Almond Cigars

    Based on syrup-drenched baklava, wonderfully simple, crunchy, almond and lemon phylo rolls.

  • Recipe: Greek Flourless Almond Cookies

    Amygdalota from the Greek island of Kea are flourless almond cookies perfect for Passover.

  • Sweet-and-Sour Green Almonds

    You can make these agro-dolce, wonderfully brined pickled green almonds at home with unripe almonds.

  • Recipe: Fresh Garlic and Almond Spread

    A greener variation on skordalia, the traditional Greek garlic sauce, this spread is great when made with fresh garlic. Great served with fried zucchini, eggplant slices, or fried or grilled fish and seafood.