Aaron Pott

Aaron Pott is founder of a firm that is dedicated to producing wines from different, distinct terroir in the Napa Valley. More +
  • In Defense of Older Wines

    The author explains why Napa wine-lovers should allow their wines to age before they drink them instead of thirstily seeking out the latest "cult wine." Nostalgia is a factor, of course--an older wine can bring back memories of happy times past. But aged wines also offer flavor their younger counterparts can't match.

  • How To Drink Wine Like An Expert

    Everyone wants to know what to look for when tasting a wine. Here are ten key traits that contribute to a wine's flavor and experience. They're all important in their own ways--but the last one matters most of all.

  • A Ritual to Start the Vineyard Season

    Family and friends join in pruning the grape vines, preparing them for a new year of growth. Though it seems like hard work at first, pruning actually offers the opportunity for creativity and meditation. And when it's all over, there's something to celebrate.

  • Oysters, Wine, and an Ancient Tradition

    A winemaking practice two thousand years old is still in use today, despite advances in technology that make it seem unnecessary at first. This video explains what the tradition is and why great contemporary vintners continue to practice it.

  • Why We Love--And Write About--Wine

    From ancient Egypt and China to the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, wine has a long history. How do we find out where this idea of wine as a sacred beverage came from? We can start by looking at the plethora of writings about wine throughout history.

  • Wine, Smoke, and the Power of Memory

    A surprise lightning storm brings a layer of smoke that hangs over the vineyards for weeks, recalling past episodes of childhood and teaching a valuable lesson about wine filtration.

  • Pheasant, Fresh or Aged, Hunter's Reward

    A talented cook might be the ideal houseguest--especially if he's friends with a local hunter. This one prepares fancy pheasant, forages for mushrooms, and transforms a whole pig head into headcheese in no time.

  • Napa Valley's "Owl Whisperer"

    Is this the owl that will dash hopes for a new vineyard? An owl caller in tune with the noble bird--and with an excellent melodic sense--pays a visit. When an opera conductor joins the group, anything can happen.

  • Bordeaux: Nice, If You Know Your Place

    The very old, very proud, always ascoted owners of Bordeaux vineyards have been known to be a bit snobby. A look back on time spent learning the trade among delicious wine and snooty Frenchmen.

  • In Bordeaux, Big Wines and Big Jerks

    From ascots to sports cars, what makes the Bordealais so uptight, so proper, so bothersome? And yet, they're such great vintners. History offers some possibly explanations. I know what some of you are saying: "They're French, what do you expect?"

  • Sour Grapes: The Acid in Your Wine

    Done right, acidity can lend dimension, giving deep flavors like chocolate. Too much, and your wine may begin to smell like nail polish remover. Learning how to work with acidity -- and make the most of it -- is essential for any vintner or wine drinker.

  • Building the 21st Century Vineyard

    One would think that the dead wouldn't present a serious obstacle to development, but they do in Napa. Near a new vineyard, neighbors ride a horse and buggy, protected pines fill the site, and the pioneer cemetery next door turns out to be a protected historic area.