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Wendy Kaminer

Wendy Kaminer is an author, lawyer, and civil libertarian. She is the author of I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional.

  • God, Government, and the Virginia Gubernatorial Race

    Should Virginia voters care about the views expressed by gubernatorial candidate Robert McDonnell in his graduate school thesis 20 years ago? Today's…

  • Major League Baseball Scores One for Privacy

    In 2002, while federal law enforcement agents at the SEC were busy ignoring warnings about Bernie Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme, federal agents at…

  • Torture Logic

    Who cares if American intelligence agents or private contractors tortured terrorism suspects? That is not a rhetorical question. A widely discussed,…

  • The Banality of Censorship

    Just in time for Banned Books Week, the American Library Association's annual celebration of intellectual freedom, the Brooklyn Public Library has…

  • What Constitutes a Police State?

    Driving civil libertarians crazy is probably not a goal of this month's town hall protesters, but it may be one of their signal achievements. Having…

  • Yale Press Runs Scared

    Repudiating its professed commitment to "the discovery and dissemination of light and truth," Yale University Press will publish Jytte Klausen's…

  • The R-Word

    Add the "r-word" to the lexicon of words that may only be referenced by their initials. As Bob Johnson, President and CEO of the Massachusetts…

  • Privacy v Transparency, 11

    My post last week on the battle over releasing the names and addresses of people who signed a petition placing Washington state's domestic…

  • Privacy v Transparency, and the Battle Over Equal Marriage

    If you sign a petition supporting a controversial ballot referendum should your name and address be publicized (posted online) in the interests of…

  • Arrest-Gate 11: The Hard Case

         For free speech advocates, the arrest of Skip Gates was an easy case, involving no conflicts of rights or interests, as I suggested last…

  • Law Students Flunk Academic Freedom 101

    Another day, another casualty in a conflict pitting equality and demographic diversity against free speech and diversity of opinion: "A Singapore law…

  • Arrest-Gate

    You have a constitutional right to talk back to a police officer; and whether Skip Gate's account of his arrest or the police version is closer to…

  • Sharpton's Law

    New York Congresswoman and possible Senate candidate Carolyn Maloney made news this week by uttering "the N-word."  Too bad Lenny Bruce wasn't…

  • Barr vs. Barr

    Last week, the House of Representatives repealed a 10 year old provision of the D.C. appropriations bill that blocked implementation of a voter…

  • Comments on Palin and Pop Liberal Culture

        Here's a quick response to comments on my post last week re Sarah Palin's stylistic debt to popular liberalism, or more precisely, the culture…

  • Sotomayor, Palin and the Politics of Not Making Sense

         Listening to Republican attacks on Sonia Sotomayor's alleged biases and the undue influence of her "personal experiences" on her judgment,…

  • The Old Men and the Senate

         In the wake of several serious, widely publicized accidents involving apparently confused or otherwise incompetent elderly drivers, the…

  • Child Porn, Animal Cruelty Porn, and the Right to Imagine

         Last month, Christopher Handley, a collector of comic books, pled guilty to federal charges of importing and possessing obscene cartoon…

  • An Ordinary Evil

          If Bernie Madoff's crimes were "extraordinarily evil," as his sentencing judge declared, than how to we describe the crimes of Joseph…

  • Discrimination Under God/Update

    "Schools given OK to discriminate against Christians," a press release from the Alliance Defense Fund declares, with some justice.  The Supreme…


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