Wendy Kaminer

Wendy Kaminer is an author, lawyer, and civil libertarian. She is the author of I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional.

  • The Pastoral is Political

    Purpose driven pastor Rick Warren repeatedly disassociates himself from the religious right: "never even been to one of their meetings - not one," he…

  • Oprah and the Party Crashers

    White House gate-crashers and aspiring parvenus Michaele and Tareq Salahi can count among their questionable accomplishments the right to a footnote…

  • Justice for Detainees?

    Should civil libertarians celebrate the administration's decision to try five  alleged 9/11 co-conspirators on criminal charges in federal court? …

  • Mammograms and Me

    It's about time the medical profession began taking seriously the costs as well as the debatable benefits of annual mammograms for women over 40…

  • Response to Comments on Independent Voters

    By questioning the presumed virtues of independent voters as a group, I was not suggesting that individual voters have paramount civic obligations to…

  • Independent Voting: Virtue or Vice?

    "Partisanship and ideology" are the enemies of "true representation in Washington," according to Lou Dobbs, who apparently sees himself as the last…

  • Woman in Combat

    "The principle that women should not intentionally and routinely engage in combat is fundamental, and enjoys wide support among our people," the U.S.…

  • Equality, Marriage, and the Right to Discriminate

    Hannah Arendt characterized the "right to marry whoever one wishes" as elementary, locating it among the "inalienable human rights to 'life, liberty…

  • Quick Question

    Can someone explain to me why it is a criminal offense to have sex with animals but entirely legal to kill and eat them?  Surely laws against…

  • Erasing History at the ACLU

    Stressing the paramount importance of transparency and accountability, the ACLU has been commendably relentless in seeking the release of government…

  • Murder, He Said

    You have no right to ask someone to commit a murder, obviously, but it's hard to say if the First Amendment protects the right to extol or encourage…

  • The Nobel Hope Prize

    It's a bit like awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature to someone who reviews novels, beautifully, but has never written one. Some might even…

  • State Sponsored Religion: Whose Cross to Bear?

    Tomorrow, October 7th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Salazar v. Buono, a case with a complicated litigation history that now poses a…

  • ACORN: A Cautionary Tale

    A brief item buried in the national section of today's New York Times reports that the embezzlement of ACORN funds some 10 days years ago by Dale…

  • Liberty, Self-Esteem and Self-Governance

    Our inalienable right to happiness and the rhetoric of self-esteem experts notwithstanding, we do not have a right to feel good about ourselves;…

  • ACORN: A Cautionary Tale

    When is thievery not a crime but a personal tragedy? When is lying for personal gain or political expedience a mere error in judgment? The answer is…

  • Doing It In The Road

    Do you have a right to indulge in consensual public sex? In Massachusetts, at least, that's not a simple question. The answer depends on whether you…

  • The Justice Act

    Tea Party Expressers who rallied in the capitol last week to protest big government will have another chance to defend "freedom of the individual in…

  • Sympathy for the Principal

    Tensions between constitutional guarantees of religious freedom and constitutional prohibitions on religious establishment are great fun to debate,…

  • Government Speech, Corporate Speech, Citizen Protests, and the Hitler Card

    Right and left, activists in California are organizing against publicly honoring people they don't like: "Assembly Democrats attack children's…


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