Wendy Kaminer

Wendy Kaminer is an author, lawyer, and civil libertarian. She is the author of I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional.

  • Rationalizing Repression

    Wondering at the disdain for fundamental American freedoms reflected in the Cheney-Kristol smear campaign against lawyers who represented Guantanamo…

  • Gay Rights and Anti-Gay Liberties

    An openly gay student seeking a graduate degree in counseling at a state university is expelled for refusing to agree that homosexuality is immoral…

  • Sticks and Stones

    I'm not suggesting that the demonization of certain words will end in their criminalization ever, or anytime soon.

  • The Jobs Bill

    What qualifies a Republican as a moderate in 2010?  He votes in favor of allowing Senate debate on a pro-business "jobs" bill, mainly comprising tax…

  • Bullying: Response to Comments

    Are we ruled by personal experiences in evaluating allegations of workplace abuse?  The pop therapeutic answer is "yes:" we are seen, in essence, as…

  • The Bullying Pulpit

    Thanks to the U.K., where incivility is apparently the new infidelity, for providing a little black comic relief from the dangerous idiocies of…

  • Spying on Students

    Increasingly ubiquitous surveillance is enabled not just by its invisibility but by the common refrain that people who have nothing to hide have…

  • The Civil Libertarian's Lament

    Civil libertarians have good reason to feel betrayed by President Obama's embrace of Bush-Cheney national security policies (including his invocation…

  • Ghostwriters, Speechwriters, and the State of Our Union

    Politico reports that freshman Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is "writing a book," and I suppose that's an accurate statement if "writing a book"…

  • Just How Stupid Are We?

    "I never tried to cut her throat," Scott Lee Cohen protested, defending himself against one of several allegations of abuse during his 15 minutes as…

  • Citizens United, For and Against Free Speech

    When Republicans controlled Congress in the 1990s, liberals fought hard to block a series of constitutional amendments demanded by conservatives,…

  • Martha Coakley and the Pitfalls of Identity Politics

    Like most political earthquakes, Martha Coakley's decisive loss to Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race was over-determined, by all the…

  • No Atheists Need Apply

    In my lifetime (and I am now astonishingly old) I've witnessed dramatic declines in social and institutional biases against women, racial minorities,…

  • The Right to Kill in Kansas

    In 1992, the Kansas legislature amended the state's involuntary manslaughter law to include an "intentional killing (based upon) an unreasonable but…

  • Big Lie

    Thick-skinned, Rudy Guiliani is not, but despite the mockery he's endured for "forgetting" 9/11, he could still enjoy the last laugh, along with…

  • Sex, Violence, and Individual Liberty

    If you consider a stash of obscene videos scarier than a stash of firearms then this is the country for you.  In America you have a constitutional…

  • Index on Censorship Meets the Enemy Within

    Jytte Klausen's excellent analysis of the Muhammad cartoon controversy, "The Cartoons that Shook the World," has once again fallen victim to myths…

  • Good for Goodness Sake

    Bill Donohue, the reliably apoplectic president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, attributes freedom of speech to Christianity…

  • Workplace Privacy

    Workplace surveillance is pervasive, legal, and "devastating to employee privacy," the National Workrights Institute lamented in a 2006 report. …

  • ACORN and the Ethics of Leadership

    Reactions to former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger's report on ACORN have been predictably partisan. On the left, progressive…


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