Obama's Ahead On Nominees

By Marc Ambinder

Is President Barack Obama lagging behind the curve when it comes to sending nominations to the Senate for confirmation?  To the contrary: he's breaking it.  Data compiled by a smart contact from public data shows that 41 official nominations were been submitted in January, the most ever for a recent president. President Reagan, in January of 1981, managed to nominate 27 people officially. The second President Bush -- merely 17. The pace of nominations tends to drop in February because Congress is consumed by budget fights; it picks up rapidly in March and April.


President     Year           J      F         M        A

Reagan       1981          27      20       41       50
Bush           1989          18        6        14       37
Clinton        1993          26        4        18       97
Bush           2001          17        6        20     100
Obama       2009          41

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