3 Video Projectors, 2 White Walls, and 1 White Floor Create an Entire Universe


An eye-popping music video for Willow's track "Sweater" uses projection mapping and elaborate choreography to create cities, oceans, and galaxies. Thanks to a treadmill built into the floor, the singer appears to stride through city streets and country roads, and the shifting camera perspective brings movement to a static environment, whether it's sailing across an ocean or falling through a wormhole. 

Belgium-based video artist Filip Sterckx, the video's director, shares some outtakes from the shoot, below, in which the singer valiantly negotiates the tricky treadmill and other transitions.

For more work by Filip Sterckx, visit http://www.filipsterckx.be/.

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Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg is the executive producer for video at The AtlanticMore

Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg's work in media spans documentary television, advertising, and print. As a producer in the Viewer Created Content division of Al Gore's Current TV, she acquired and produced short documentaries by independent filmmakers around the world. Post-Current, she worked as a producer and strategist at Urgent Content, developing consumer-created and branded nonfiction campaigns for clients including Cisco, Ford, and GOOD Magazine. She studied filmmaking and digital media at Harvard University, where she was co-creator and editor in chief of H BOMB Magazine.

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