Masked Creatures of the Underworld Frolic in a Music Video for Daniel Savio

"Drug addicts, crazies, prowlers and prostitutes" take on an almost mystical aura in "Revolt," transformed by animal masks and night vision-inspired cinematography. The surreal video is a collaboration between Måns Nyman, the director, and Josefin Hinders, the artist who did the masks. Daniel Savio's  latest track, "Revolt," from his third solo album, is available here. The video stars Maryam Nikandish and Sophie Augot, and was shot by Tobias Prag. Savio and Nyman discuss the creative development of the video in a brief interview below. 

The Atlantic: What was the inspiration for the video?

Daniel Savio: Without getting to much into the creative mystery of how a song comes about, I'd say that it evolved out of my continuous struggle for renewal of self and thought patterns with the hope to spread it to other people. Måns, who directed the video, had total artistic freedom in every sense of the word, but I feel that he pinned the song's essence better than me and what he tries to say with his video is way better than I hoped for. We had no discussions before. Of course the title of the song doesn't leave much room for misunderstanding, I would think, but anyway I am really happy with how it turned out and the response people are giving it.

Måns Nyman: Daniel Savio is a good friend and I really wanted to make a video that explained how magical his music is so that more people would discover him. In this case I tried to imagine what the sounds looked like or what character they had and then how the characters would behave when they presented their part of the song.

What was the production process like? 

Nyman: Since the sounds were kind of raw and dirty the characters had to be dark and dirty somehow. With no budget it seemed like a good idea to use masks for the two dancers. That way they could portray all the different characters in the video. The masks are made by my favorite artist, Josefin Hinders, who I work with a lot. We chose our favorite animals. We filmed the whole thing on green screen with a fixed camera and then I composed the scenarios, added light and camera movements in adobe after effects.

What's next for you?

Nyman: Next for me are more music videos and video art. I'm taking this year off from earning money and concentrating on developing as a director.

For more music by Daniel Savio, visit more videos by Måns Nyman, see

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