'Mad Men' Remixed: The Best Viral Videos

The series has inspired countless spinoffs and supercuts, from this montage of every cigarette ever smoked to a feminist remix set to the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hanging On." 

It's not surprising that the stylized 1960s world of Mad Men, saturated with cigarettes, booze, and other politically incorrect behavior, has been appropriated, remixed, and parodied in countless videos by fans and pros alike. Here we present some of the viral hits that sustained viewers during the show's seemingly endless hiatus. Simple supercuts (montages of clips that share a common theme or line of dialogue) expose the show's tropes and total decadence, while political remixes explore alternate narratives of gender and sexuality. Comedy shows, from Saturday Night Live to Sesame Street, get in on the fun too.

Whirled, a creative studio specializing in viral videos, created a simple but brilliant supercut featuring, they say, every cigarette smoked in the show. 

Another super simple, but highly entertaining supercut is just a collection of clips in which Don Draper says "what?" The creator of the video has gone on to create a host of supercuts on YouTube under the fitting username dondrapersayswhat.

Roger Sterling stars in this supercut of his best one liners by Jonah Green for New York Magazine.

Meanwhile, MNC.TV brings us a supercut of the characters' sexiest (and often sexist) lines.

Also from New York Magazine comes a hilariously tipsy montage of the show's countless drinking scenes.

Elisa Kreisinger, aka Pop Culture Pirate, uses razor-sharp editing to subvert mainstream cultural messages. In this incredible remix, QueerMen: Don Loves Roger Mad Men Remix, she conjures up a love affair between Don Draper and Roger Sterling -- transforming every aggressively masculine line into a come on, fraught with sexual tension. 

In Set Me Free, another highly charged remix, Kreisinger and Marc Faletti have the ladies of Mad Men cover the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hanging On," pulling the lyrics, word for word, from clips in the show. 

It's particularly funny to see such a grownup show recreated on Sesame Street, especially when Draper commends his underlings saying, "good work, sycophants!"  

College Humor also pokes fun at the show's gravitas with this "super dramatic trailer."

The Casual Mafia, a comedy production team, flips the gender roles in Mad Women.

Saturday Night Live's spoof, Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women starring John Hamm, is pitch perfect. 

There are tons more out there, so please leave a comment if we missed one of your favorites!

Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg is the executive producer for video at The AtlanticMore

Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg joined The Atlantic in 2011 to launch its video channel and, in 2013, create its in-house video production department. She leads the development and production of original documentaries, interviews, and other video content for The Atlantic. Previously, she worked as a producer at Al Gore’s Current TV and as a content strategist and documentary producer in San Francisco. She studied filmmaking and digital media at Harvard University.

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