Trevor Corson

Trevor Corson is author of the worldwide pop-science bestseller The Secret Life of Lobsters and the highly acclaimed The Story of Sushi. His website is More

Trevor Corson is the author of the worldwide pop-science bestseller The Secret Life of Lobsters and the highly acclaimed The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice.

He spent two years studying philosophy in China, another three years in Japan living in temples and studying Buddhism, and two more years working as a commercial lobsterman off the Maine coast.

He has been an award-winning magazine editor and has written about food, religion, foreign affairs, and a wide variety of other topics for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, and the Atlantic, where The Secret Life of Lobsters began as an essay that was included in The Best American Science Writing.

As one of the leading authorities on sushi in the West, Trevor serves as the only "Sushi Concierge" in the United States, hosting dinner classes in New York and Washington D.C. and educational dining events for organizations, corporations, and private groups. He is also a consultant to sushi restaurants, working to bring a more authentic Japanese experience to Western diners.

Trevor is a frequent public speaker and his work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, ABC World News with Charles Gibson, NPR's All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation, as well as numerous local television and radio programs; he also appears as a judge on the Food Network's hit TV show Iron Chef America. His website is
  • Fukushima and Sushi: Is Raw Fish Safe to Eat?

    Radiation isn't the only threat facing sushi. The delicacy has been heading toward extinction—and not only in Japan.

  • Whale: To Eat, or Not to Eat?

    A Santa Monica restaurant is facing charges for preparing the world's largest mammals, but Baby Beluga's cousins might be more ethical than beef

  • Why I Don't Miss Bluefin Sushi

    The endangered tuna was once reviled. How it became coveted--and why it's not so hard to swear it off.

  • Beware the Samurai Sushi Chef

    Some chefs take on a combative persona in a misguided attempt to create an authentic dining experience.

  • Learning From Maine's Lobster Wars

    A lobsterman was shot for moving in on someone else's territory. Why the violence is deplorable--but the feeling behind it is not.

  • How To Kill a Lobster Humanely

    New laws around the world protect crustaceans' rights--and make it illegal to boil them alive.

  • The Mystery of Cheap Lobster

    New England lobster prices are so low, lobstermen are selling them on the street for next to nothing.

  • American Sushi

    American Sushi

    U.S. chefs are bringing Japan’s trademark cuisine back to its roots.

  • Does Race Matter for Sushi Chefs?

    Even if the food is the same, the social element of eating and preparing sushi can differ by a chef's ethnicity and dining culture. But you might be surprised which sushi chefs are providing a friendlier, and thus more Japanese, dining experience.

  • Saunas and Silence

    Saunas and Silence

    In the countryside of Finland, solitude is a national pastime

  • Strait-jacket

    December elections could edge Taiwan closer to a symbolic declaration of independence—and the United States toward military conflict with China. There's one way out

  • Stalking the American Lobster

    Government scientists say that lobsters are being dangerously overfished. Lobstermen insist that stocks are plentiful. It's a familiar kind of standoff—except that now a new breed of ecologist has taken to the waters, using scuba gear, underwater robots, and even nuclear submarines, in order to figure out what's going on. It turns out that the lore and lessons of the lobsterman are worth paying attention to


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