Tom Sleigh

  • Buoyancy

    A swimmer swims out through voids of drypoint, inkwash, He dives deeper than the artist etching him on the plate. Can follow, he dissolves into…

  • Panel at the Press Club

    She who had most trouble saying anything. at all, expressionless in her blue blazer. and white silk shirt and sipping her glass of water. and…


How to Build a Tornado

A Canadian inventor believes his tornado machine could solve the world's energy crisis.


A New York City Minute, Frozen in Time

This short film takes you on a whirling tour of the Big Apple


What Happened to the Milky Way?

Light pollution has taken away our ability to see the stars. Can we save the night sky?


The Pentagon's $1.5 Trillion Mistake

The F-35 fighter jet was supposed to do everything. Instead, it can barely do anything.



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